BC Shelter forced to euthanize kittens

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    An over-populated animal shelter has meant those in charge of the animals have had to take extreme steps in order to preserve health.

    And unfortunately that has meant putting down litters of kittens and cats which could put others at risk.

    Maryann Baumbach, manager of the Kitimat Community Humane Society, has confirmed they have had to start euthanizing cats dropped off into their care.

    “We’re so overrun with the cats now,” said Baumbach, pointing out that yet another litter had been dropped off just the day before speaking to the Sentinel.

    She and her staff are doing what they can and three baby kittens are being bottle fed at Baumbach’s own home.

    However, with the sheer numbers they’re dealing with, they can’t take a chance that new arrivals will infect the current live-ins.

    “It’s just the really sick ones [we’re euthanizing] because we don’t want it to transmit to the other ones,” she explained.

    The shelter usually has not had to resort to putting down animals but many years ago it did have to when a fatal feline disease began spreading through the shelter and they had to put down their entire population.

    “We don’t need the healthy population that we’ve done so much with to end up getting sick,” she said, emphasizing she “tremendously” hated putting them down.

    About three weeks ago up to 40 cats had to be put down and more were likely to follow in the coming days.

    Euthanizing so many animals has also taken a bite out of their budget. Baumbach said money is tight while they feed and medicate all the animals that they can given their resources.

    The new animal shelter on Eurocan Way can’t come soon enough for the society which, especially now, could use the facilities that will become available to them as soon as the ambitious renovation work is completed.

    “If we had a proper quarantine area where we could actually quarantine the new ones when they came in, where they’re totally isolated ... it would be a better situation,” said Baumbach.

    The Looking for Love Animal Shelter Society have been hard at work renovating the former Air Liquide building.

    At last report the society said it is about two-thirds of the way to finishing the building, which will include that quarantine room.

    The silver lining is so far no dogs at the shelter have had to be put down.


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