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    Any body want to discuss the breed that's mind is as mixed up as it's colors.
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    All I know is that calicos' can only be girls. /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif
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    Oh contraire! We have a male calico, they are just very rare. About one in 3,000 tricolor (calico) cats are males, although only 1 in 10,000 of these males are fertile. We also have a female calico. Our male calico is the most gentle and loving cat out of our 14!
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    We have a six months old female calico. She's is just soooooo adorable! I've got a picture of her taped to my monitor at work, she's sleeping in the pot of one of our plants...We're going to have her fixed soon, hope she doesn't change her cute "attitude" - she's the queen in the household, along with our dog and two birds. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
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    Sorry, didn't know that calicos could be males! Knew if it did happen, it would be really rare! /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif
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    My calico cats have been pretty goofy, but wonderful! Sasha was the queen of the house whereas Callie is content being off in her own little world and just hanging out.
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    Out calico cats are both kind of nutty, but in completely opposite ways.

    Callie found us two days after we brought our puppy home, a couple months ago now -- I was taking Rita out for a midnight "Outside! Hurry up!" and heard this cat ... a kitten, really, less than a year -- although she'd recently had kittens herself. She was back the next morning, and we made her a bed in the garage while we looked for "lost cat" notices. No luck. So we took her to the vet, and then brought her in. She doesn't even want to go outside anymore.

    She's a pretty little Calico -- tortoise shell and white -- with long hair. Her hair was all thin and falling out when she found us, but now it's grown back thick and full. And she NEVER SHUTS UP! I've never had such a "talky" cat. And she's still "kitteney" -- she plays CONSTANTLY. When we first brought her inside she was especially crazy -- didn't know how to behave indoors, and would tear around like a mad cat, running sideways up and around the furniture. Come to think of it, she still likes to do this.

    She pretty much terrorized our older cats -- a Siamese (Sadie) who was used to being Queen Cat ... and another calico (Sophie)!

    Sophie is the exact opposite of Callie, in every way. Her markings are beautiful too -- darker and more pronounced than Callie's -- but she's a short/medium-haired cat. Callie's face is orange on the left side and black on the right, and Sophie's is opposite. Same with their legs -- one has an orange leg on the right, the other has the orange leg on the left. And Sophie is painfully shy -- she runs away if she hears a doorbell ring, even on TV. (She was another "found" cat -- a garbage man found this litter of kittens in a garbage can and brought them in to a shelter.) I've been missing her since the arrival of puppy and Callie, because Sophie needs quiet time in order to be petted and loved ... and with Callie around, there is no quiet time.

    I think she's starting to want to play with Callie, though. She's been sitting off in the distance watching her (though she hisses and runs if Callie approaches), and sometimes she'll duck her head or wave her little arm as if to bat at her ... from all the way across the room!

    Our friends are glad we have Callie, because now we have a cat they can play with too. Sadie was a one-momma cat -- even after six years, she still barely tolerates my picking her up, although (of course) she can come sit on me whenever she pleases. (For one thing, she's a Siamese, and they're often one-owner cats. For another, she was a sickly kitty, so she really bonded with her other momma as she fed her with eye-droppers.) And Sophie is shy. Both run away when people try to pet them. But Callie pretty much demands attention.
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    Oh no reason to be sorry. Just thought I'd offer a bit of info to you! Hope you enjoy your calico!
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