case of the disappearing clown loaches

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    I have a strange question. Do clown loaches bury themselves in the gravel? I bought three for my 50 gallon tank a few days ago. They were doing fine the other night and then yesterday they were all gone. I looked everywhere in the tank. I didn't see any carcasses so I couldn't believe all three had died. I kept looking all evening ect. This morning again I looked before I went to work and they weren't there. Now today when I got home here they were swimming around.

    My tank is big and full of plants and rocks and driftwood but I looked under and around everything.

    Anybody with a similiar experience?

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    I have never seen clown loaches bury themselves, but they are incredibly good at getting themselves into very tight places. Chances are, they found a really good hiding spot just out of your view.
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    I'm just glad they showed up. They are the most expensive fish I have bought. I've had my two tanks now for a year and am just now getting into buying more expensive fish. I wanted to get the hang odf this before I started buying more exotic fish. Now I have
    3 clown loaches
    6 asst barbs
    4 gouramis two in each tank
    3 large angels
    4 sword tails
    6 glass fish
    4 mollies
    2 cats
    2 plecos
    1 flying fox
    2 blue lobsters
    1 fiddler crab

    Don't panic these are in two seperate tanks a 50 and a 29.

    any ideas on anything else a little different?
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    I had a small castle in one tank where the clown loaches were and when I could not find 2 of them, I reached in and picked up the castle. Nothing. I turned it over and looked inside, and both of them were crammed up in one 'tower' that I could not have put my thumb into! I lifted it slowly out of the tank until they got the message and popped out. I gave the castle to a friend that keeps only very tiny fish. I can tell you for a fact that yoyo loaches bury themselves, because I had an experience similar to yours with mine. I couldn't find him anywhere, and after looking all around the outside on the chance that he made a break for freedom that resulted in suicide, began dismantling everything in the tank. I removed every plant and every ornament, every rock that was not part of the gravel, and proceeded to scoop the gravel from one end of the tank to the other, sifting it through my fingers as I went. When I had all the gravel on the left, I moved it all to the right, again sifting. Nothing. I evened out the gravel again and put the plants back where they were before. I told my husband the yoyo was missing and what I had just done in an attempt to find him, either living or dead. He said "That's not possible!" Impossible or not, that was the case. I went to bed brokenhearted, because he is one of my favorites. The next morning when I was leaving to have coffee with a friend, I paused to feed the tanks and there the little booger was, swimming around like nothing was ever amiss. I mentioned this to my husband also, and he said "That's not possible!" MEN! (lol)

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    A friend of mine had a Banjo Cat that would disappear from time to time.

    One time he had to move the tank it was in. He transferred all the other fish to other tanks, but could find the Banjo. He took out all the decor, etc. and still no dice. Eventually he gave up and drained the tank anyway, assuming it had died and he hadn't noticed the carcass. It was getting late so he left the tank dry overnight, and set it back up the next morning.

    A few days later, sure enough, he spotted the Banjo Cat swimming around. Weird, huh?


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    Clownies are definitely good at hiding, I accidently killed one that way. I had set up my new 20 gallon tank and was going to clean some of the ornaments by soaking in bleach and water from my smaller tank. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the clown was hidden in the castle. I carried the bucket to the bathroom, poured the bleach in and he flopped out into it. It was horrible, he died instantly at least. I felt so bad and relived the moment in slo-mo for days, berating myself for not checking, not putting water in first, for just being dumb, etc. I have forgiven myself, but am very, very careful if I remove anything from my tanks!!
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    we had a clown and he went inside a sea shell and well he got stuck in it,
    my dad had to use a hammer to get him out of there,
    atleast it never killed the fish,
    he lasted 3 more years after that,
    fish almost always find away of getting stuck,
    wheter it is a clown of a bala shark
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    Re: the Banjo Cat, I have one of these and have stopped looking for him at all. I know he is in there somewhere, generally hiding in the rockpile I built for him or under the ice crystals at the base of a plant. Usually when I do see him, he is half-buried with his tail sticking up or draped over a small stone, just lying there looking dead. I was so excited when I bought him because he is so unusual in shape and I thought he would be a great addition to my tank. Sadly, this is not the case. Siggy mentioned to me that had I asked before I purchased, he would have told me to go out in the yard and cut a small twig from a bush and put it in the tank with a rock to weight it down, and I would enjoy that every bit as much as a Banjo Cat because the potential for movement was exactly the same, lol! Does anybody know if these critters like company of their own kind? If they do and it would encourage them to move around a bit, I would buy more of them, because they ARE very unusual looking. Or would I maybe be better off just adding 3 or 4 sticks? Also, do the yoyos like schooling quantities? I found that this one of mine definitely does NOT like clown loaches. He harassed them so unmercifully that I eventually had to seperate them. I like the yoyos too, and would buy more of them if they would prefer peers.

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    The banjos will bury themselves.I use them in sand tanks to keep the substrate stirred.They want mind more but you'll probably just end up not seeing multiple fish if that's your goal.

    Maybe try them as part of a species tank with sand bottom. This article goes into species tanks and the authors category define of such.
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    We have gone days thinking our clown loaches had died and then all of a sudden they are swimming around again.

    We did find a small space inside one shell the they had been hiding in and sometimes I look for them there and they aren't in there and I have No idea where they could be.

    All I know is that they hide well and don't ever give them up for dead.

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    Yep, BTDT too - have worried (needlessly) about the whereabouts of my clowns, searched the entire tank, turned over the mopani wood looking... yada yada - they always turn up.

    One time we actually did see up a small crack in the mopani you could just see the tip of a clown loach tail barely sticking out... twitching like mad - seemly pretty annoyed at being disturbed LOL.

    It's amazing the small crevices they can cram themselves up into to snooze away the hours between the important stuff - GETTING FED!
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    My clown loach decided to hide up a filter tube that had fallen when I was on vacation and he died there. I have a friend that has loaches and she can never find hers either. Mine seems to swim around though, that is the new one. He's always out and about. As far as strange fish, try a dragon fish, they look neat and if they are raised right they won't terrorize the tank. I have two. If you wanna see what they look like, email me. I'll send you a pic. I can't figure out how to put them in the response.
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    I have 3 clown loaches. I bought a single one first and the first night I had him he went inside an ornament and it appeared that he was stuck. I mean he wouldn't even come out when I shook the ornament. I bought 2 more a few days later hoping that friends would make him come out. Well, he kept going up inside that ornament so I got rid of it. Believe me, it took awhile because he did not want to come out of there. He is still the most shy of the three and stays hidden most of the time. Their sleeping place is now an ornament that sort of has shelves and they each lay on one or two of them side by side. At least they can't get stuck in it. I do have a small ceramic pot in the tank and they have got themselves up inside one of the handles with only the very tip of their tail sticking out. I think I got pretty lucky with these loaches as two of them come out a lot and swim around. One is a particularly hungry guy and he's always out looking for food. How do you tell when these guys have had enough to eat? Lol! So just don't take any ornaments out of the tank until you are absolutely positive they aren't in them. I mean when this guy was hiding I could not see him. He was in there so long that I thought he was dead for sure. Now I am used to their habits and I can always count on the shy one coming out to eat in the morning. I think one of the tricks is to not have ornaments with small crevices in them and you just won't have to worry about them getting stuck. By the way, I bought the loaches to get rid of my snail infestation and they had them gone within a matter of days. Aren't clown loaches great?Good luck!

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