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    Hello again, MO3!

    My six year old boy Raoul recently had his second bout of colitis (both bouts treated with Metrinidozole) and our new vet is preparing us for the possibility of Chronic Irritable Bowel Disease. Is there anything that I can do homeopathically to prevent my baby from getting the horrible and obviously discomforting diarrhea that he gets?

    He is currently getting about a teaspoon of pumpkin mixed into his food twice a day.

    Any advice will be very much appreciated!!!

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    Sorry for what ever reason I have not been able to get my post to upload to the board so this will be the fifth time I have typed this.... ARRRGGGG!!!

    Anyway hope this helps.

    None of my books deal with IBD but this is what is listed under under bowl problems and diareah...

    Barley- a pinch sprinkled over food each day will aid in digestion and help with sick stomach feelings associated with diareha.

    Mint and Lemon Balm - fresh shredded over three small meals a each day (no more than a tsp full combined over each meal) will aid in helping to dispense of gas build up associated with diareah!

    Yams - have the same properties as pumpkin and can be cooked and administered in the same fashion for a change.

    Fennel - must be cooked for at least half an hour to break it down to a digestiable consistancy for cats. Again good for helping with gas.

    Yogurt - a tsp full each day on its own or mixed with pumpkin/yams (plain not the ones with a lot of sugar) will help to clear the GI track of diareach causing agents.

    Boiled Chicken - served instead of cat food until diareah is gone. Easier on the stomach while in turmoil from diarah.

    If you are inclined try getting your hands on some Red or Yellow Jasper this gem is thought to have healing powers over the bowls and digestive organs. Keeping them in the home is thought to help even animals.

    Poor poor Raoul I hope is feeling better soon!!!!

    Best Wshes!
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    I fogot to say that Barley or Wheat grass can be grown and allow Raoul to graze on it freely....

    You will be able to get the dried barley at any health food store, but since you need fresh mint and lemon balm it is probably best to go to a nursery and start from seeds or sprouts... And grow your own on your window sill....
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    Thank you so much!!!

    I really like the idea of growing the wheat or barley grass .... Raoul is kind of a pain in the butt about bothering my plants (so much so that I had to get rid of all of them except for my cacti!!) and maybe if he has something that he is 'allowed' to eat, he'll stop knocking the cacti over!!!!

    He has currently completed his meds and is back to normal. In fact, he's sitting on my mouse pad right now, trying to see what I'm typing (he's so nosey [​IMG] !!)!

    Once again, we really appreciate your time and effort!!! Thanks!!
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    Hi, this message is for "Cemeteria". I had a friend who's cat had the same thing as yours does. Good luck with him-I hope he's feeling better soon. (Saw that you are from Bennington Vt. I was born in the Bennington hospital!!)
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Kbar:
    Hi, this message is for "Cemeteria". I had a friend who's cat had the same thing as yours does. Good luck with him-I hope he's feeling better soon. (Saw that you are from Bennington Vt. I was born in the Bennington hospital!!)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    How weird is this ..... my best friend was born in Danbury!!!!! :eek:

    Consider yourself lucky that you made your way out of Bennington -

    - Trust me on this one ..........

    /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif Deb
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    hi, I was just wondering, what happens with colitis? Is it diarrhea?

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