Essentially, all Goth's are Geeks.

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    In addition, there are many metal styles and the band can hear both sides listen, including the so-called "Gothic" or "Doom" metal style (O-type negative drama, tragedy)steampunk bag or use Gothic images of the band night Greece, Rakuna scroll), and can be said that compared to the original Gothic band more "Gothic" sound. Not to mention the confusion of the "industrial metal" type (Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein). It all depends on the definition of "Gothic" and whether it is the sound, image or act of subcultures.
    After all, how does a person spend a lot of time dressing up reading old literature and collecting obscure music rather than a bit of nausea? So,punk clothing you will find that all Gothic people have typical "geek" features, but some people will be more than others.

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