Filmed abuse of rattlesnake disturbs staff at Desert Cultural Centre

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    The abuse of a severely injured Western rattlesnake in the Osoyoos area at the hands of a group of young men is a “deplorable” act, said a staff member from the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre.
    The act was filmed and posted on YouTube, a video sharing website.
    The video, which has since been removed from the website, shows at least two young men who have come across a rattlesnake on the road that has been injured, likely by a car or truck.
    One of the young men in the video describes the snake as an “Osoyoos rattler that got hit by a truck.”
    The snake is still moving but has a deep wound in its midsection.
    Then, while the young men laugh at the snake and a soundtrack of punk music kicks in, the men in the video begin to throw large rocks at the snake, eventually killing it.
    According to the Cultural Centre, one of the individuals in the video is credited as the “executioner” when the video ends.
    Barb Sabyan, an interpreter and animal care technician at the centre, said it’s terrible that the snake, which is a threatened species in B.C., was subject to such torment when it was already suffering.
    “What it shows to me is a lack of sensitivity to these creatures,” she said, adding that she could not believe someone would get a thrill from an animal suffering.
    Sabyan said the centre works to educate people about the snakes and why they are valuable to this area.
    “Snakes generally are misunderstood.”
    They consume rodents such as pocket gophers which can be a problem for local agriculturalists, she said.
    Rattlesnakes are legally protected under the British Columbia Wildlife Act.
    While it’s unclear from the video when or where it was made, Sabyan said it was another centre employee, Marjorie Yelland, who came across the video after one of the centre’s visitors brought it to her attention.
    Police said they had not seen the video yet.
    According to CHBC, the individuals in the video left comments on the website saying that the snake was already injured and they were putting it out of its misery.
    This is the latest in a recent string of videos posted on YouTube where people are shown killing or abusing animals.
    Earlier this month, a trio of men from Saskatchewan pleaded guilty to charges including unlawful hunting, hunting out of season and firing a gun from a vehicle after they posted a video on YouTube of themselves shooting at ducks.
    And last month, a man filmed himself smashing a dogfish on the deck of a boat and then throwing it overboard in Ucluelet.
    The video ended up on YouTube and the man has since been disciplined by the sports fishing company he works for.

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    That's horrible. Why would anyone do something like that???

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