Happy ending for 2 pit bull pups stolen from Sacramento shelter

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    Two of three pit bull puppies stolen from the Sacramento animal shelter have been returned and adopted.

    The pups - named Kabuki, Einstein and Mona - were stolen last week from the city shelter, 2127 Front St., during a burglary. Someone broke through outdoor fencing and then cut open the kennels where the dogs were awaiting adoption.

    After accounts of the dog thefts were broadcast and published, Mona and Kabuki were returned Monday. Einstein is still missing and officials are worried he could be used for dogfighting.

    A citizen who noticed a story in The Bee about the kidnapped pups said he found Mona tethered to a park bench and decided to bring her to the shelter. The other dog, Kabuki, was returned by a woman who said she got the pup as a gift.

    "The good thing is that Mona and Kabuki have already been adopted," said Rhea Serran, spokeswoman for the animal shelter. Kabuki tested positive for Canine parvovirus, a contagious disease characterized by diarrhea.

    Mona, now doing well after being spayed, was adopted by John and Vickie Contreras of Cameron Park. The couple was about to adopt Mona when they learned last week that she had been stolen.

    "We were kinda sad," said John Contreras. "We had already been meeting with her down at the pound a couple of times and had been anxiously looking forward to taking her home. Then we got the call that she had been stolen."

    The Contrerases told shelter workers that if Mona turned up they still wanted to adopt. When they got the word she had been found, they went right down and took her home.

    "We got her home and walked her around the front yard for a little bit," said John Contreras. "We have another dog, so they got a chance to check each other out. She's doing well."

    As for the still-missing Einstein, shelter spokeswoman Serran said she was "crossing my fingers, hoping we will get him back sometime this week."
    Officials were worried that Mona would have a "life of breeding" and the two males would be used for fighting.

    "That's not what we want to happen," said Serran.


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