How to Perform CPR on a Dog

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    Just landed on a great Infographic on imgur

    In the past due to the lack of evidence-based CPR guidelines in the veterinary demesne, the animals could not be given proper first-aid and CPR in the case of medical emergencies. This, however, will not be the case now as AHA has provided upgraded guidelines for the proper cardiopulmonary resuscitation for animals.

    The given Infographic delineates these upgraded guidelines.

    • The sequence should be remembered as ABC, Airway, Breathing and Cardiac Compressions

    • The dog should be laid on the flat surface with its head extended to clear airway

    • Check and remove any obstructions in the jaw and cup your hands around the mouth in a way that nostrils are remained open and blow the air into the nostrils at the rate of 20 breaths per minute

    • Perform 100-120 chest compressions per minute. Both the palms should be placed down in the chest cavity of the bones. Dogs such as bulldogs have barrel chest therefore, the compression should be directly aimed at the heart while the dog lay on its back. For dogs with narrow chest cavity, push down near to its armpits directly over the heart

    • Perform CPR in two minutes cycles and check for breathing and keep administering the vasopressors every 3-5 minutes during the CPR.


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    good info,

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