Humane Society raises $9,000 in one day for threatened program that rescues strays

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    After putting out a desperate call for help, the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City received $9,000 in donations today to save a model program that rescues stray pets.

    It means the program is only $1,000 short of being able to stay open during September. Humane Society officials were confident that the rest could be raised by the Tuesday deadline.

    “We essentially saved another 200 and some animals in one day,” said Humane Society spokeswoman Robin Rowland.

    But the non-profit shelter still needs donations to make the “Ray of Hope” program work into the future. The program is a partnership between the Kansas City, Kan., pound and the Humane Society. Each Monday, officials from the two shelters come together and attempt to find a home for every stray cat and dog. The program started almost as an experiment in January but has produced staggering results.

    The inner-city facility’s euthanasia rate went from about 56 percent last year to 2.7 percent this year. More than 1,480 stray pets were euthanized last year compared to 66 pets — all with extreme aggression — this year.
    However, on Wednesday, the Humane Society, which absorbs all of the cost for the program, said it would have to suspend operations in September unless a donor stepped up quickly.

    The program costs at least $10,000 each month, which was rapidly draining the facility’s operating budget.

    But after a story ran in The Star this morning, donors came forward. The money helps significantly, but it doesn’t end the financial problems.

    “That just gets us through one more month,” Rowland said. “We definitely want to encourage other people, maybe businesses that might want to get involved. Have a jeans day at their company or that sort of thing.”

    If you want to give
    To donate go to or call 913-596-1000.


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