Lucky kitten gets rescued and temporary home

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    STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A small tabby wandering through Grasmere nearly lost one of its nine lives when it jumped into the undercarriage of an SUV at a gas station yesterday afternoon.

    But the stealthy feline avoided a bad end after a gas station attendant spotted it before the driver pulled off, and enlisted the help of some nearby mechanics to wrest it free.

    The kitty caper unfolded at about 12:30 p.m., when Rita Fusco of Dongan Hills was gassing up her 2009 Land Rover at the BP station on the corner of Richmond and West Fingerboard roads.

    She spotted the kitty playing by some trucks in the parking lot, but when she turned away for a second, the cat vanished.
    It turned out the kitten had jumped into the undercarriage of the SUV, and gotten stuck behind an oil pan cover.

    Chanath Mendis of West Brighton, the pump attendant, said he saw the kitty make the leap, and warned the woman, and that's when the employees of the service garage attached to the station sprang into action.

    "I took the cover off," explained Ravi Sooriyahetti of Tompkinsville. He then got underneath and retrieved the kitty.

    "The cat is OK, no problem," said his co-worker, Jay Rajasekara of Meiers Corners, adding, with a chuckle, "There's only one problem. He's hungry."

    Ms. Fusco said she plans to take the cat home until she can find it a more permanent place to live.

    "I don't know if I'm going to keep it or not," she said. "But now, believe it or not, I have to buy food and cat litter."

    She's even given the kitty a temporary name, "Howie," to match with her pet Maltese, Holly.

    "The kitten's very friendly. It likes to be held," Ms. Fusco said, adding, "It's still a little scared."


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