My Canary's foot band has caused his foot serious problems, NEED HELP!

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    Oct 4, 2014
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    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I am pet sitting my Mom's 3 year old Canary. I noticed a few days ago his band was too tight ( it actually has been tight for some time. It was just a lot worse now.)and he was very swollen all around it with a blood pocket on the underside of the foot. The next day I woke up to see his little leg stuck to his feathers from puss and blood.I guess the pocket popped or something. I took him to the vet and they cut off his band and cleaned him up. The vet said that he is still getting blood to his foot so he may or may not need to have his leg amputated. Although, he does not know for how long and he said we will just have to see how it goes with time. Well, three day has gone by and the foot is just hanging by a thread and danging there. Part of it is dead and black but the other part looks to still be a bit pink which is why I think it hasn't fallen off yet. It periodically bleeds too and scares me to death. Now this being a canary you have to be real careful not to scare it to death with too much handling or excitement, stress etc. because they are known to be very fragil and die because of it. The vet also told me that as well. I do not know what to do. I DO NOT have any money I could use to take the bird back to the vet to have his foot amputated. I already paid the last of my money with his first visit of almost 100 dollars. Although I know it is what my Mom would want for him. The bird is doing well( meaning his is up on his perch acting normal) despite his foot dangling. He has to be in pain though. And I do see that his foot is irritating him because it gets in the way. The poor guy! Could I amputate it myself? How do I stop the bleeding? And will the canary even live through something so stressfull? There is no way I can get a hold of my Mom and she wont be back for another week. She is out of the country. Any advise out there?

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