Pets left behind in foreclosed homes - how one group helps them and their owners

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    Animals are literally being left behind in homes when the owners move on after foreclosure. They can be without food, water or a temperature controlled environment sometimes for weeks before being found. How tragic that is!

    Could it be avoided? The Lost Our Home Pet Foundation of Scottsdale AZ, made up of mainly real estate professionals who saw this first hand too often and wanted to help, has some suggestions on what to do if you have no option but to leave your home.


    See this video to learn more about the Lost Our Home Pet Foundation and their work. Their mission is to rescue, foster, adopt, heal and advocate for dogs and cats left behind because of eviction or foreclosure. They help take care of these forgotten animals, help owners find ways to keep their pets and aid real estate professionals when they encounter a pet in need. The Lost Our Home Pet Foundation receives no government funding, relying upon donations to carry out their work.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Lost Our Home Pet Foundation - Our Mission[/ame]

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