Pooches eat out in style in Broadbeach Australia

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    A BROADBEACH restaurant is going all out to snare a slice of the 'doggie diner' market.

    Lauxes allows people to bring their canine companions along to enjoy the best food and drink available in a special outdoor area.

    Dog patrons are served chilled, filtered water in the finest of chinaware while their owners enjoy a vino.

    To top off the outing, for $15 pooches can gorge on a rib-eye fillet steak, cut into bite-sized pieces.

    One duo who take advantage of the scene at Broadbeach are Marie Stephens and her dog Charlie.

    The pair dine out at least once a week and Charlie's favourite dish is wagyu beef.

    Lauxes co-owner Jojo Leatham said she and her partner Peter Third were animal lovers who also sponsored the Animal Welfare League.

    She said they had seen people walking their dogs in Victoria Park next to the restaurant and decided to show them some hospitality.

    "In our al fresco area pets are welcome to dine," she said.

    "We serve only the best for these little princes and princesses."

    Ms Leatham said the doggie steaks were very popular.

    All breeds dined at the restaurant, from small chihuahuas to german shepherds, she said.

    "We get at least one dog patron a week -- it really is a great experience for locals who walk their dogs.

    "People from all walks of life are taking up the offer."


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