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    To contributor E: What, specifically, cast and blazon of Pur Gum do you use? How bad are the fumes? Will it abandoned the abode or shop, or does just the applicator allegation a respirator?

    We use Wilsonart 860 red aerosol cast - you should be able to get it from your Wilsonart supplier. I don't apperceive about a website, but you possibly adeptness acquisition it on Wilsonart’s website. The that appears to that appears to that appears to smell from the adhering is about the aforementioned as the pre-pressurized system, which to me is tolerable. You should accept a respirator if you aerosol it. We acclimatized Con Band aerosol adhering a few years aback and alone we did not affliction for it. We didn't accept any problems - it was just the way the adhering acquainted and sprayed. If you analyze the that appears to that appears to that appears to smell to the old brushable glues, it doesn't that appears to that appears to that appears to smell anywhere abutting to as bad as those. If you ambition to aerosol it on a job website with the barter I would apparently acclaim 3m brushable waterbase because humans will accuse about the Wilsonart because it is bread-and-butter based.

    To contributor E: I was appliance 3M waterbased Solvent Free Adhesive afore I went to the Con-Bond. I absolutely admired it, but it took too connected to aeon and delay for it to dry. How connected does your Wilsonart 860 crop to axle afore you can stick it? Today we were gluing end caps and they were just falling off beneath the burden of the router as I akin them.

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