Shiba Inu from Japan

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    Shiba Inu is a dog breed that originates in Japan who was said to be from the original European spitz.
    Even with their prick ears, squinty eyes, curly tail and their fox like stuff toy feature make them fancy to look at, but one would not dare approach them. Although their built is small (20 lbs.), Shiba Inu dog are known for their bold and fiery personality. But Shiba Inu was described to be intelligent breed of dog. They are athletic and with strong willed temperament. Its unique calm dignity coupled with keen and alertness creates a notion why Shiba Inu dogs are free spirited yet stubborn attitude. But to many Japanese, they believe Shiba Inu dogs are like ninja warriors simply because they are quick and alert to react nimbly and effortlessly. They cannot be trusted off leash because they are hunters and love to chase. They are great territorial guards. He is a keen and alert guard to watch over his place, territory, food and toys. It is best to understand especially during training the independence and free spirited trait of a Shiba Inu to make the training effective. Because of his independence trait, Shiba Inu are less sociable and training is therefore needed for proper canine manners. Shiba Inu is the smallest and probably the earliest known spitz that originate in Japan. Shiba Inu is the relative of today’s Chow Chow and Akita Inu.

    Overall Shiba Inu is a wonderful loyal companion, a great watch dog and a good family dog. A daily walk along the neighbourhood or jogging trail are great exercise habits with the Shiba Inu.

    See how a Shiba Inu Storekeeper in Japan enjoys helping out running a corner store for his master as he enjoys nap and his zucchini in between:


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