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    Pets are always awesome. I love to have pets at home as they are playful beings, keeps everyone, both young and old, happy in the house. It is believed that the elders find great companions in pets. Another interesting fact is that the kids who grow up with pets are less self-centered than the ones that have no pets at home. I don't know to how much extend it is correct.

    I have a lab at home, my Janny, a loving dog. I take her for my morning walks. Usually what happens is during nights I let it free to wander inside our compound and during mornings I take it for walks after which I lock it in the cage. But last day morning, my Janny seemed to be very tired. When I went near it, I saw its injured body and the scattered fur. Daaam hell......Again Raccoons and skunks....These creatures are really attacking.
    Somehow want to get it cleared from my house. I think it's high time to hire skunk removal services. Else the situation might rise again. !!!!!! The injured body of my Janny is making me sad :(
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