Top Winter Pet Safety Tips

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    Cold weather poses special risks for pets, such as running out of water (frozen over) and increased pain from arthritis. Winter dangers aren't just about the cold temperatures. Learn about other potential hazards seen in winter such as antifreeze and deicer toxicity, and get tips on how to be pet-prepared for winter storms and power outages.
    1. Winter Weather Hazards - Keeping Pets Safe and Comfortable

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    As winter settles in, here are a few tips to remember to ensure a healthy season. As most pet lovers know, winter can be a challenge for our pets. This article will explore some common dangers to watch for, and what to do to avoid problems.snow-

    2. Cold Weather Checklist For Pets

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    You are prepared for winter. Is your pet? Check out the basic supply list and learn about winter-specific hazards for outdoor and indoor pets.

    3. Top 6 Winter Items for Pets

    Pets in harsh winter climates need extra protection during the snowy, icy winter months. These items will help keep snow and ice at bay and ensure your pet's comfort and safety.

    4. Paws to Protect - Winter Foot Care Tips for Pets

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    Winter boots are essential wear for humans to provide traction and protection on snow and ice. Our pets need special care and attention for their feet during harsh weather, too. Learn how to minimize injury and discomfort for your pet's paws and be aware of other winter dangers.

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