Turtle Nesting In Progress In Volusia Co., Orlando

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    DAYTONA BEACH SHORES, Fla. -- Turtle nesting season runs through October in Volusia County.

    Typically, experts see the last few nests in late August and early September, but advocates said they are way down to date.

    As the end of the sea turtle nesting season nears, mothers are finding their way to the shore line -- their birthing center -- in far smaller numbers.

    There are less than 350 nests, when normally there would be well over 450 by now. It's shaping up to be not just a below-average year, but in Volusia County, one of the five lowest nesting seasons on record.

    "Habitat loss is a big thing. A lot of beaches around Florida are becoming critically eroded, so there's less places for them to lay their eggs in the sand," Jennifer Winters of the Volusia County Turtle Nesting Program said.

    Experts said sea turtle numbers are also influenced by factors such as water pollution and fishing.

    Sea turtle advocates said one of the reasons nest numbers may be down is that the ocean temperature has been down.

    Upwellings cause cold water from the ocean floor to rise to the surface.
    The average temperature has been below 80 degrees and sea turtles and reptiles may be looking for a warmer reception.

    Many nests are starting to spill their hatchlings.


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