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    hi i am new here and posting for the first time because i have a question about my cat...

    yoshi is about 8 months old. he was born in the tack room of the barn where my horses are and i brought him home last october.

    his obsession - underwear. and only my underwear, not my girlfriends. he will actually eat the entire crotch area of a pair of panties. he goes digging through my laundry basket to find these!

    my question(s)... do your cats do this? is it normal? is he reacting to the flovor, or is it a sexual scent for him? will neutering him help? (and why just ME??? why not my girlfriend?)


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    Get him neutered! Neutering will help many things with a male cat. Don't know if it will stop the underware obsession, but it will help with other things.

    Maybe put your laundry in a room with the door closed where he can't get at it.
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    coincidentally, he is at the vet right now being neutered. i am sure that he will think the whole vet experience is just an extension of the trouble he got in this morning for chewing up his third pair of underwear in just three days. i cant even count how many he has eaten since we got him.

    i try to keep the laundry away from him but he has now learned how to open the closet door! and he is sneaky...

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    Good luck with the underwear situation! They are clever creatures, but oh so wonderful. I think the neutering will stop the male hormone syndrome, which in turn might help your problem. Keep us posted, it will be interesting to find out if it helped.
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    Hey Sara!
    I have a Yoshi, also. Funny you should mention the underware, my Yoshi love our dirty underware also. But, he doesn't eat it, just loves to sit in them and cover his face with it. We have a hamper, so it keeps him and the others from getting into our dirty clothes. When I do laundry, I dump all the dirty clothes on the floor, seperate them, and that's where my guys like to lay & play while I do the wash.

    I really don't know if neutering him will stop him, I think they go for the smell - /infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif - YUCK!!

    My little Yoshi is 7 months old today, he is a flame point siamese. What does your Yoshi look like??
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    my yoshi is black with one white toe (weird?) and a tiny white spot on his tummy. he has medium length hair, long slinky body, small face and almond shaped eyes. we have no idea what his breeding is since he was a barn cat.

    his half-sister lucy (also his aunt; barn cats are scandalous) looks nothing like him. she is a roly poly tabby.

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    ps to bunny...

    does your yoshi love the underwear of males in your household as well as females? or do you have only females in your home?

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    So I guess the real answer is that if you value your underwear you should never name a cat 'Yoshi.'
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    Oj Carly your kill me!!!!
    LOL LOL!
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    Hi jmpnghorse,

    Well I think we have to award you the prize for the most unique question posted on this forum!

    I have a Yoshi too!! But mine is a dog, and no, he doesn't eat anyone's underwear. But I was thinking, maybe you should get a check-up with your gyno for a possible yeast infection? Mild enough that you don't notice, but your Yoshi does perhaps. Just a thought /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

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    interesting thought about the yeast infection... i havent noticed anything and neither has my girlfriend but i suppose it is possible. i have an exam next week actually so i will find out then.

    i am glad you were amused by my post! i was worried that people might think it was a hoax and that i was getting a kick out of just asking the question (esp since i have never posted before!) so thank you for taking me seriously.

    (who just went to nordstom yesterday for three new pairs of underwear)
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    My cat eats holes in our socks. She may like the elastic, or it may be the smell. I don't have a single sock in the house that doesn't have a hole in it somewhere, even after one week in the house.
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    My mother's cat has a love of panty hose, as well as dish towels. He goes into the laundry room and roots around for them, and then drags them around the house. Silly guy!
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    I LIKE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    and Just for Kids.

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    Good for you M O 3!!!
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    Thank you MO3, I was disgusted by swordtails response. It was very rude and ignorant. Way to go!
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    I am in no way a cat expert, but I did see a special once on cat behaviors, which including a cat eating blankets, hose, etc., and it was diagnosed as needing fiber in it's diet. A quick call to your vet could probably lead you in the right direction.

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