Vitamin supplementation - Our pets are not getting enough nutrition

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    It is a known fact that our pets have some of the same health problems that we humans do (obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart problems, etc), and our pets are not living to their full-life expectancies! The maximum life span of our dogs and cats is actually estimated to be about 25-30 years; however, the “average†pet only lives 13-14 years!! So sad!!

    And I was SO SHOCKED to learn that according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials standards, slaughterhouse meat, sick, dying and diseased animals — even road kill — are all acceptable ingredients for pet food!! No wonder our pets are not getting the proper nutrition they need to live long healthy lives!!

    I heard a story recently where a lady left her child in charge of feeding & watering her dog one day while she was away. Upon her return, she discovered that her child had actually poured the water over the dog food...and needless to say the food had not been touched by the dog. What was SHOCKING though was that there were maggots all inside the bowl---obviously they had been in the dog food, and when the water was added, they begame visible! YUCK!!!

    It only makes sense then to realize that our pets need extra supplementation as much as we humans do!! I have started giving my dog vitamin supplements, and some of her health problems have lessened in just a short time. I realize that her dog food is not giving her the needed nutrition she needs to live a healthy life!

    Just thought I'd share this info! I never realized all this before....

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